In Auburn, you'll find everything you need in neighborhood shops that are independently owned by people who live right here in town. These store owners are full of helpful information!

Sandalwood House Kitchen Store, owned and run by Carine Ooi-Hammer, is one example. Ooi-Hammer carries everything you need to make a gourmet coq au vin for twelve or a quick-and-easy quesadilla for one.

With the Day of Thanks right around the corner, I asked Ooi-Hammer to share a few must-have items needed for Thanksgiving staples: turkey and pie. She had a list.

Turkey necessities:

  1. Roasting pan
  2. Thermometer
  3. Baster
  4. Gravy boat
  5. High-quality carving knife and fork


  1. Brining bag
  2. Turkey twine
  3. Fat separator

Pie necessities:

  1. Pastry cloth
  2. Rolling mat
  3. Rolling pin
  4. Pie crust shield
  5. Pie pan – glass is best for a crispy crust
  6. Dough knife


  1. Pie weights
  2. Dough cutters for decoration
  3. Lattice cutter
  4. Pie server

See something on the list you don’t have in your cupboard? Sandalwood House has it in stock. Give Ooi-Hammer a call: 530-888-1128 or check out the store's website:

Two more pieces of advice from Ooi-Hammer before I go:

“If you’re making green bean casserole,” she said. “Use fresh green beans. None of those canned beans.”

Also, if you happen to stuff your belly a bit too full, drinking warm tea will help settle it – but drink something without cream and sugar.

“I like a little caffeine in my tea to balance out the sleepy effects of the turkey,” she said.

If tea is what you need, Sandalwood House has a wide variety of organic teas from which to choose.