If you want to find Longhorn Meat Company, follow your nose. The air surrounding the low slung and unassuming building on Lincoln Way is pungent with the scent of smoked meat.

Auburnites in search of a Thanksgiving turkey know to go no further than Longhorn, which takes orders for organic turkeys up to one week before the holiday.

The birds, which are fresh, free-range and all natural, are supplied by Branigan’s Turkey Farm in Woodland. Branigan’s prides itself on processing its turkeys at 25 to 27 weeks of age, so they’re heartier than the grocery store variety, which are processed at 16 weeks.

Branigan’s supplies tips for roasting the gobbler, and Longhorn carries a pre-made brine, but if you prefer less fuss, they’ll smoke it for you, too.

Just heat and serve.

Here are a few more things that may interest you about Longhorn Meat Company:

  • History: Store owner Phil Kattenhorn opened the shop close to 20 years ago. He moved from Newcastle to the current location 13 years ago.
  • More than meat: Longhorn also offers a wide variety of accompaniments for carnivores, including mustard, pickles, pretzels, and even local mandarins when  in season.
  • In house:  Customers may catch a glimpse of Longhorn’s meat processing through the window behind the counter. The helpful staff grinds the burger, stuffs the sausage, and conjures the marinade.
  • Hunter’s friend: Bagged that buck, and now you’re not sure what to do with it? Longhorn will skin and carve your catch, and send you home with your very own venison – or turkey or rabbit or your prey of choice.
  • Something different: Feeling adventuresome? Longhorn has the menu for you – how about camel, kangaroo, alligator or ostrich?

Still, if you’re looking for something less traditional than turkey but not quite as exotic as a reptile, Longhorn offers duck, goose, buffalo and crab.

“We try to keep everything as local as possible,” said Manager, Ashley Countryman.

Once the November feasting is finished, Longhorn will begin taking orders for the December's main course: prime rib.

Contact Longhorn Meat Company:

13131 Lincoln Way